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Research & Analysis

  • Survey Design: Built and fielded surveys of thousands of graduating seniors, faculty, and program administrators at US dental schools. I also designed surveys to evaluate Washington state’s Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program as a Research Assistant. And my dissertation relied on data from an original survey of 1000 US cities and counties.
  • Statistical techniques: In my research, I’ve used OLS, cluster analysis, hierarchical linear modeling, negative binomial regression, logit, and poisson. As a Teaching Assistant, I’ve also taught fixed effects, time series models, and regression discontinuity.
  • Cost-benefit analysis: Contributed to a meta-analysis by evaluating over 300 studies with four dozen criteria. And I conducted a study of my own, contracted by Multnomah County in Oregon, to assess their use of geographic information systems. 


Communication & Media

  • I’ve written research reports and policy memos for administrators; grants for funders; briefs for congressional staffers; and press releases for the media. And a dissertation, just for me.
  • More than 100 public speaking engagements, mostly at US universities and conferences, but occasionally elsewhere (like the 2004 World Social Forum in Mumbai). Also experience with print, radio, and television interviews.
  • Collaborated with the History Channel to produce a short documentary about Bhopal for their Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters series in 2004, and with the Yes Men on their 2009 feature film The Yes Men Fix The World.



  • Designed and managed corporate, shareholder, and international campaigns; trained and supervised paid staff, interns, and a network of several hundred active volunteers.
  • Coordinated five national conferences, and two nationwide tours by Bhopali survivors.
  • Board member of the Dow Accountability Network (2004-2007) and the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (2004-2007).
  • Managed a residential community while serving as the property manager for a 12-unit building in Seattle. Fostered a warm and friendly atmosphere while also maintaining discipline.



  • Research & analysis: SPSS, Stata, Tableau, SQL, Qualtrics (Silver Certified), ATLAS.ti.
  • Web design: I’ve custom-built web-to-fax systems, automated email campaigns, online petitions, and surveys using WordPress, PHP, XML, and MySQL.
  • Oh, and Microsoft Office is a close personal friend.