Friday, 22 July 2011

A few shots from the train between Vienna and Krakow.


A better way to drive


A better way to drive

This is while we were in station in Vienna. Drivers were loading automobiles into the train “next door” and it was so fun to watch. Top layer or bottom – they’d drive them all the way up towards the front, one by one! These weren’t vehicles for sale, by the way – looked like personal vehicles to me.

On the train, an overnighter, I met a fellow Aussie traveler and had a great (but brief) chat with him before we went to bed in our cabin of six. We talked about Aussie politics and travel, mostly. He had glowing things to say about the rural Croatian and Italian coast. A few shots from the windows, looking out at the early-morning Polish countryside:


A lovely view


A lovely view

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