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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I love southern Spain. One of the many things that I love about it are the big, open plazas that you periodically stumble upon as you wander through the narrow pedestrian alleyways, sometimes too narrow for any car to pass. But there are wide, expansive streets as well, like this one in Malaga: the banners at the top provide shade and the illusion of enclosure.


But…where are the cars?

This was just a 1-minute walk from the place I was staying. Smaller alleys branch off from the sides, often clustered with tables, chairs, and festive folks – Spaniards and tourists alike – enjoying something to eat or drink. Most of the shops on this street were rather posh – banks, relatively expensive places to buy shoes, etc. However there was also a pastry shop that I visited more than once. Pastries are usually cheap, bread-y and rather filling, and tasty, and it’s always nice to sample this part of the local cuisine. In Malaga I had some miniature doughnuts smothered in sugar and so rich with tasty grease that they were crispy and soggy at the same time. Decadent. And a largish fried pastry filled with custard creme and topped with sugar.

Sorry, back to the plazas.


With a fountain, naturally.

Would a southern Spanish plaza really be a southern Spanish plaza without a water fountain of some sort? Probably not. At night, enterprising merchants advertised their wares by shooting rubber-band-powered helicopter whirlygig things lit with blue LED light high into the sky, and catching them as they slowly whirly-gigged back down. Since their wares *were* the helicopter whirlygig things, it was all pretty self-explanatory.

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