Friday, 22 July 2011

This is where I stayed in Krakow:


The hostel

A brief but typical travel story attends.

I had originally booked with Greg & Toms Hostel – the primary reason being that it was a mere 200 meters from the train station, and given the happy blue luggage tank that I have to lug around with me, that was a persuasive criterion. I booked with their website and thought that was the end of it, although I never received an email back, which was weird. Turns out that I did, but with its weird Polish subject heading, I discarded it along with all the other spam I get. They had no room, they were booked. Not knowing this, I showed up anyway, but they very kindly directed me to this hostel down the road – after making sure they had space, of course. THIS is the place I did a load of laundry for five zloty. Try to beat that!

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