Greece: An Introduction

Greece. It’s been there for thousands of years. But is it still? There, I mean? It seems worth asking the question, given that some people fervently believe the earth is flat; some believe vaccines are harmful; some believe the Delta Force raided an Obama stronghold in Thailand. Oh, and there’s that whole chemtrails thing. And the pedophile ring in the pizza basement. Need I go on?

Anyway, it seems like an appropriate time to question long-held assumptions, like the continuing existence of Greece. So I decided to investigate for myself.

Nor was I alone. My partner, Katherine, harbored her own festering doubts about Greece’s purported reality. So we traveled there together for two solid weeks of investigation.

It’s actually a question I looked into before. Back in 2002 I visited Greece at the tail end of a European verification spree, in which I made sure that significant portions of France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy also remained. But that was 15 years ago – easily enough time for a nation to disappear.

Sadly this isn’t a story I’m telling contemporaneously. I would have liked to, but my laptop had unreliable internet connectivity while I was there. I found this frustrating, and told the computer so, repeatedly. It was unmoved, and therefore I’m recounting my travels two solid weeks after my return.

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