Friday, 22 July 2011

What did I find wandering around Krakow, aside from a vast plethora of slightly-overpriced and way-overpriced restaurants selling Polish cuisine? A few, more remote Polish lunch kitchens (one of which I ate at – polish kielbasa and fries, with beer – while I sheltered from a ferocious downpour); lots of combo doner kebab/pizza slice places (frequented by locals and tourists alike); a fair number of gourmet pizza places (get a whole pizza for $6) mostly for tourists; and these french bread pizza places that were always surrounded by crowds of locals, and locals only. And bars, of course, as well as expensive foreign restaurants that catered to foreign tastes. You know, french cuisine, italian, georgian. Wait – Georgian cuisine? From that fractious republic on the Black Sea? Yes! You can guess where I ate that night:


Georgian cuisine

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