Friday, 22 July 2011

Ads in foreign countries – in some foreign countries – really warm my heart. They hearken back to a bygone era in American advertising, a simpler era in which less flash and a lot less manipulation was necessary in order to get people to pat with their money. That era still exists, just not in America.


A bygone era.


A bygone era.

Why should I do…whatever it is this ad wants me to do? Because, look, there’s Antonio Banderas! Celebrity advertising is still done in America, of course, and these particular ads may not differ THAT much from those in America. But the ads I saw in India were just brilliant. Want to sell a watch? Just have a big photo of John Travolta wearing one, and the name of the watch (Breitling) and you’re set. You need nothing else. Or, hell, if it’s a big name cricket player, you might as well just have a constellation of items in the ad, because that much power of persuasion is wasted on only one.

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