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44% of Republicans Want to Make Christianity Our Official Religion

This is crazy:

From the party that’s constantly hollering about Freedumz!, this is hypocrisy at its worst. Nationwide, more than a third of Republicans say that Islam should be illegal in the United States, according to a new PPP poll provided exclusively to Daily Kos Elections. Nearly half—a 44 percent plurality—say Christianity should be our official religion.

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A Horrifying Story

No one should have to go through this:

So there it was, exactly as I had feared: the first pharmacist simply didn’t feel like giving me the medication to complete my abortion, despite my doctor’s prescription and warning that failing to take it in time would be risky. (Her words were actually more daunting than that: I was warned there would be “no going back” after the injection, that even if the fetus survived it could have serious birth defects, both mental and physical.) After obtaining the Misoprostol from the second pharmacy, I immediately began searching the web for information on my rights. I was shocked to find that under U.S. law, I don’t really have any.

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