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The Pirate Party

May win the next election in Iceland:

A Pirate Party victory would be an unprecedented event in European and global political history. They are part of a multi-national movement borne out of the same Swedish think tank that birthed the digital piracy website The Pirate Bay. Although in many European countries, Pirate parties have become minor protest vote vehicles popular among younger voters, Iceland has stood as an extreme exception. It’s the only country where Pirates have won seats in a national parliament, let alone where they stand a chance at forming the government.

Unlike other prominent European populist movements, the Pirates aren’t far to the left or right and they intentionally eschew the left-right spectrum. Instead of radical socialism like Greece’s Syriza or ultra-nationalist neo-fascism like France’s National Front, the Pirates’ radicalism comes from a commitment to dramatically increased government transparency, the reform of digital copyright laws, open access to digital information, free speech, and citizen involvement in governance through more direct democracy.

Most provocatively, the Pirates have pledged to grant American whistleblower Edward Snowden citizenship and asylum, a move that would certainly anger the United States. Like Bernie Sanders, they have also proposed splitting up investment and commercial banks, as well as reforming Iceland’s drug laws, a universal basic income, and a 35-hour work week.

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