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I identify with this so much.

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Clinton Email

I love this take-down of the Clinton email “scandal.” For whatever it may be worth. Read it.

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From an amazing profile of our future President:

“It’s always amusing to me that when I have a job, I have really high approval ratings,” Clinton said. “When I’m actually doing the work, I get reelected with 67 percent of the vote running for reelection in the Senate. When I’m secretary of state, I have a 66 percent approval rating.”

Her explanation for the Gap is simple enough. “There’s a lot of behavioral science that if you attack someone endlessly — even if none of what you say is true — the very fact of attacking that person raises doubts and creates a negative perspective,” she says. “As someone Exhibit A on that — since it has been a long time that I’ve been in that position — I get that.”

I don’t buy it. Other politicians find themselves under continuous assault, but their poll numbers strengthen amid campaigns. Barack Obama’s approval rating rose in the year of his reelection. So too did George W. Bush’s. And Bill Clinton’s. All three sustained attacks. All three endured opponents lobbing a mix of true and false accusations. But all three seemed boosted by running for the job — if anything, people preferred watching them campaign to watching them govern.

Hillary Clinton is just the opposite. There is something about her persona that seems uniquely vulnerable to campaigning; something is getting lost in the Gap. So as I interviewed Clinton’s staffers, colleagues, friends, and foes, I began every discussion with some form of the same question: What is true about the Hillary Clinton you’ve worked with that doesn’t come through on the campaign trail?

The answers startled me in their consistency. Every single person brought up, in some way or another, the exact same quality they feel leads Clinton to excel in governance and struggle in campaigns. On the one hand, that makes my job as a reporter easy. There actually is an answer to the question. On the other hand, it makes my job as a writer harder: It isn’t a very satisfying answer to the question, at least not when you first hear it.

Hillary Clinton, they said over and over again, listens.

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Better Together

I couldn’t agree more.

In this instance, Hillary fell into the mainstream media’s Broderish/Gergenish bipartisanship fetish. If “Stronger Together” is going to be presented as “I’ll work with Republicans” it will get nowhere with voters, and certainly not with the Sanders voters Democrats need to attract in what is—as all national elections are these days—a base election. Besides, any voter who prefers a reasonable candidate will already be voting for Hillary over Trump anyway. Finally, as Barack Obama learned, it is impossible to get congressional Republicans to do anything that will help produce jobs or much of anything else if a Democratic president proposed the idea.

Stronger Together can work beautifully, if Hillary presents it the right way. The Republican Party represents the rejection of community. Its hyper-individualist, Ayn Randian approach to economic policy imagines a society of completely atomized individuals, while progressivism centers on the idea that we rise and fall together, that investing in one another improves everyone’s chances for success.

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