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Trump Supporters Are Racist

That should be obvious, regardless of their intent. But often their intent is racist, and the dialogue about poor working class whites, while a legitimate contributor to Trump’s presidency, obscures the racism and hatred.

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Legal Settlements Explicitly Value Women, Minorities Less

A disheartening (and thorough) review from the Washington Post.

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Comedian Flips It On Sexist Heckler

This was amazing – AND funny.

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Just Because He’s Gay

A heartbreaking story of parental abuse:

Joel was frustrated that his parents wouldn’t provide his immunization records to the school or to him. He found out that his insurance had either expired or they had canceled it,” Alice said. “He had to go and sign up for Medicaid himself as an independent adult and he had to check ‘homeless’ on the form. They basically threw him out and they don’t want anyone helping this kid. This has been really, really emotionally difficult for Joel—I’ve heard that kid crying himself to sleep at night—and he’s such a great kid. He has talent. If you met him you would get why he has so many people are pulling for him.

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If You’re Against Sex Work, You’re A Bigot

I agree with most of the article; here’s a sample:

We need a varied, active, and dynamic picture of sex workers, not a muffled, stunted one. I started porn after going to grad school for writing and biology and being a college English instructor. I know plenty of porn performers with other jobs: meteorology, fashion design, dairy farming, law, freelance writing, directing, nursing, nonprofit organizing. Those are just off the top of my head. Yes, there are porn performers who—like many writers, actors, etc.—have no other job and are struggling. And there are other sex workers working out of various causes of necessity. The point isn’t that doing sex work out of need doesn’t exist. Nor is the point that we have to absolutely love sex work to do it. Not everyone loves their job, and sex workers should not be singled out and forced to simply because of the “sex” in their work. The point is, your picture of who sex workers are must be multifaceted. It’s a picture that’s ineluctably complex, yet anti-sex activists want us to hear one voice and will symbolically kill the rest of us to achieve the effect.

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