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Toddlers With Guns

Per the Washington Post:

Last year, a Washington Post analysis found that toddlers were finding guns and shooting people at a rate of about one a week. This year, that pace has accelerated. There have been at least 23 toddler-involved shootings since Jan. 1, compared with 18 over the same period last year.

In the vast majority of cases, the children accidentally shoot themselves. That’s happened 18 times this year, and in nine of those cases the children died of their wounds.

Toddlers have shot other people five times this year. Two of those cases were fatal: this week’s incident in Milwaukee, and that of a 3-year-old Alabama boy who fatally shot his 9-year-old brother in February.

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The ‘Troubled Teen’ Kidnapping & Torture Industry

It’s amazing to me that such an industry exists – largely Christian – but there’s an entire Reddit support forum for people who have escaped. This interview (below) on the Cracked podcast is harrowing. Partially because of the facts of the case itself – the beatings, the imprisonment, the starvation, the running from child protective services. And partially because the voice and absolutely uninteresting commentary of Jack O’Brien – who narrates the podcast – makes me want to jab ice picks into my own ears. See if you can manage any better than I did:

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