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About The Border: On The Media

An amazing, amazing segment:

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Prosecutors Have Too Much Power

An interesting look at the vindictiveness of Michigan’s Kim Worthy.

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The ‘Troubled Teen’ Kidnapping & Torture Industry

It’s amazing to me that such an industry exists – largely Christian – but there’s an entire Reddit support forum for people who have escaped. This interview (below) on the Cracked podcast is harrowing. Partially because of the facts of the case itself – the beatings, the imprisonment, the starvation, the running from child protective services. And partially because the voice and absolutely uninteresting commentary of Jack O’Brien – who narrates the podcast – makes me want to jab ice picks into my own ears. See if you can manage any better than I did:

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44% of Republicans Want to Make Christianity Our Official Religion

This is crazy:

From the party that’s constantly hollering about Freedumz!, this is hypocrisy at its worst. Nationwide, more than a third of Republicans say that Islam should be illegal in the United States, according to a new PPP poll provided exclusively to Daily Kos Elections. Nearly half—a 44 percent plurality—say Christianity should be our official religion.

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The Paranoid Style of American Policing

A great article from Ta-Nehisi Coates:

It will not do to note that 99 percent of the time the police mediate conflicts without killing people anymore than it will do for a restaurant to note that 99 percent of the time rats don’t run through the dining room. Nor will it do to point out that most black citizens are killed by other black citizens, not police officers, anymore than it will do to point out that most American citizens are killed by other American citizens, not terrorists. If officers cannot be expected to act any better than ordinary citizens, why call them in the first place? Why invest them with any more power?

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The War on Sex Trafficking

…is the new war on drugs:

Instead, we fund police task forces to monitor Internet ads for weeks in search of suspect code words or tattoos. We pass laws mandating more prison time for pimps. We set up elaborate sting operations for both sex workers and their customers. We hang “Are you being trafficked?” signs at strip clubs and highway rest stops, and train airport staff on how they can spot the signs of sex trafficking. We act as if sex traffickers are organized, jet-setting, diabolical, and legion. We are chasing our own mythology, to the detriment of actual results.

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