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On Population

Read the whole thing:

Female empowerment is the most effective carbon mitigation strategy.

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On Trump Supporters

On Trump supporters, from a compelling longform article:

If Obama, I asked, is the antichrist—whose arrival is said to precede the second coming of Christ—what would that make Trump?

“The savior?” Del Signore suggested.

The whole thing is well worth reading.

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No One Could Have Known

Not even 100 years ago.


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About NASA T-shirts for Girls

Great, amazing, and well-worth reading.

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About The Border: On The Media

An amazing, amazing segment:

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I identify with this so much.

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Stephen Fry on the Catholic Church

I just discovered this video, and I adore it:

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The entire analysis is long, and worth reading.

I don’t want to attempt some grand overarching theory of Trumpism. But, broad brush, I continue to believe that it is best understood as a reaction to the erosion of white privilege, supremacy and centrality in American life.

That brings us to the second key point: Trumpism is about loss. And that loss is real. It’s not just about being haters or uneducated or stupid. The fact that what’s being lost is in most respects something that wasn’t legitimate to have in the first place – status, centrality and racial privilege – should not blind us to the fact that the loss is real and that it will have political consequences.

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The Ideology of Wellness

An interesting read:

The isolating ideology of wellness works against this sort of social change in two important ways. First, it persuades all us that if we are sick, sad, and exhausted, the problem isn’t one of economics. There is no structural imbalance, according to this view—there is only individual maladaption, requiring an individual response. The lexis of abuse and gas-lighting is appropriate here: if you are miserable or angry because your life is a constant struggle against privation or prejudice, the problem is always and only with you. Society is not mad, or messed up: you are.

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