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The Abuse Of ‘Feel-Good’ Cop Videos

This post is so brilliant. A taste:

These videos, combined with the countless videos of black men and women and children shot dead by cops, serve to remind us that we should both fear and love them if we want to survive. And if we don’t survive, we have nobody to blame but ourselves—see how capable of not killing us they can be?

Anybody who has been in an abusive relationship will recognize this behavior. It’s a raised hand that might be a slap but then lowers for a pat on the shoulder. It’s a friendly warning that—this time—they aren’t going to get really mad. A reminder that what you are experiencing right now isn’t really abuse—you know what real abuse looks like.

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Bad Analysis

So, I started to read this post from Politico about the “political realignment” they foresee. Because, that’s interesting. But then I realized this analysis was kinda vague and kinda dumb and relied on a lot of unsupported/incorrect assumptions. And then I thought – wait. didn’t I just see this Lind’s guy’s name somewhere else? Yes, I had – a reflective look at a 2005 post (no longer online, sadly) in which Lind (yes, the very same) apparently argued that Democrats really should give up this social liberalism/culture war claptrap, because it’s a loser set of issues.

Yeah. THAT’S the guy I want to predict the political future.

Glad to see his analysis is still top-notch.

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