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Better Together

I couldn’t agree more.

In this instance, Hillary fell into the mainstream media’s Broderish/Gergenish bipartisanship fetish. If “Stronger Together” is going to be presented as “I’ll work with Republicans” it will get nowhere with voters, and certainly not with the Sanders voters Democrats need to attract in what is—as all national elections are these days—a base election. Besides, any voter who prefers a reasonable candidate will already be voting for Hillary over Trump anyway. Finally, as Barack Obama learned, it is impossible to get congressional Republicans to do anything that will help produce jobs or much of anything else if a Democratic president proposed the idea.

Stronger Together can work beautifully, if Hillary presents it the right way. The Republican Party represents the rejection of community. Its hyper-individualist, Ayn Randian approach to economic policy imagines a society of completely atomized individuals, while progressivism centers on the idea that we rise and fall together, that investing in one another improves everyone’s chances for success.

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