This map represents all the cuisines I’ve tried. Of course that’s a lie – maps are a flawed metric, as you well know. Countries contain multiple cuisines; cuisines straddle national borders; a “Chinese” meal in America might differ greatly from what the people in China actually eat. And that list of problems is just the start.

So why bother? Because it’s handy to have some kind of metric to systematize and define my exploration of food – and I’ve always liked maps.

So what counts? That’s hard to say. At least one dish, hopefully made authentically (though I often have to trust the restaurants on that score). Preferably more than one.

You can see a few of the meals here. And while the map and the blog both serve as aides-memoire, I started this project back in 2002, so a list couldn’t hurt. Plus, I like lists.

North America
Canada – Many visits. Sure, I could try to remember everything I ate, but why bother? I ate lots of stuff.
United States – I live here.
Mexico – Many restaurant visits.
El Salvador – There was a pupuseria I visited once in Seattle. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Panama – Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Cuba – A few restaurants; the place I remember best was in Ann Arbor in something like 2006.
Jamaica – Again, an Ann Arbor place, 2006 or so. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Haiti – Waid’s in Seattle, around 2012. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Dominican Republic – Some place in northern New Jersey in 2004 or so.
Trinidad & Tobago – Pam’s in Seattle, around 2013.
Barbados – A place in Seattle around 2015. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.

South America
Venezuela – This great hole-in-the-wall in the East Village. Their arepas were divine.
Colombia – A place in New Jersey around 2006 or so. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Ecuador – A great place in NYC in 2018.
Peru – I don’t even remember for sure. NYC? 2005?
Chile – A place in Boston around 2007. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Argentina – Again, I don’t remember exactly, though I suspect it was a place in NYC in the mid-2000s.
Uruguay – Restaurant in NYC in 2018.
Brazil – Multiple places, mostly in Seattle, 2010 or so.
Guyana – Taste of the Caribbean in DC, 2018.
Suriname – In Amsterdam, of course; 2011.

Norway – Not delicious. Fish balls or something. A place in Seattle around 2011.
Latvia – A place in Seattle around 2015.
Russia – Many places.
Belarus – NYC, 2018.
Ukraine – NYC, 2018.
Moldova – NYC, 2018.
Georgia – Found a Georgian restaurant when I was in Istanbul in 2011. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Armenia – A food adventure to the remote suburbs in Northern Virginia with Bev; around 2007 or so.
Turkey – I spent about two weeks there.
Greece – Same; most recently in 2018.
Bulgaria – Found a place in Vancouver with K, in 2014 or so.
Romania – Spent some time in Bucharest.
Hungary – Spent some time in Budapest.
Slovakia – Spent some time in Bratislava.
Czech Republic – Prague is beautiful.
Poland – Ate many times in Krakow.
Germany – Been there; ate there.
Austria – Been there.
Switzerland – Stable in DC, in 2018.
Italy – Last time I was there was 2002.
Serbia – Ambar in DC; 2017.
Bosnia – Made a trip to the outskirts of Detroit specifically to sample cevapi at this place around 2010.
Albania – Found a great place in NYC; 2018.
Netherlands – Last visited in 2011.
Belgium – Belga’s in DC; 2017.
United Kingdom – Lived there in 2002.
Ireland – Last there in 2002.
France – Good times. Last in 2011.
Spain – So much good eating; 2011.
Portugal – Last there in 2002.

Morocco – Last there in 2011.
Algeria – Nomad in NYC; 2018.
Egypt – Mama Ayeesha's in DC; 2018.
Senegal – A place in southern Seattle; 2014.
Sierra Leone – Sumah's in DC; 2016.
Cote d'Ivoire – Found a place in Paris; had some kind of marrow stew; it was delicious; 2011.
Ghana – A few places; none recent.
Cameroon – Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Congo – At, of all places, the botanical gardens in Pittsburgh; 2016. Congo – At, of all places, the botanical gardens in Pittsburgh; 2016.
South Africa – Where did I find that place? Somewhere in Europe in 2011.
Mozambique – Piri piri allocation. Let’s say Seattle, 2015.
Mauritius – Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Kenya – Food truck in Seattle; 2014.
Somalia – Way south of Seattle; 2015.
Eritrea – A long march to find this place in Seattle, in 2010.
Ethiopia – So many places.

Israel – A few places over the years.
Saudi Arabia – Aldeerah in DC, 2018.
Yemen – Saba in DC, 2018.
Lebanon – So many restaurants.
Syria – A place in Northern Ann Arbor in 2008 or so.
Iraq – Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Iran – Seattle? Let’s say 2011.
Afghanistan – A meal that was memorable both for the taste and the conversation. San Francisco, 2008.
Tajikistan – NYC, 2018.
Pakistan – I forget where. Mid-2000s.
India – A lot of time there. But first in England, in 2002.
Sri Lanka – Found a place in NYC in 2007 or so.
Bangladesh – Again, I forget where. Mid-2000s. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Bhutan – Found a dish on a menu in an otherwise Nepalese place. Around 2006.
Nepal – A few times; say 2005.
Tibet – Conferences and whatnot. Say 2005.
China – Many places in the US and India.
Mongolia – A Mongolian barbecue. I know, I know; this one is probably the weakest on here.
Korea – Ann Arbor, say 2004.
Japan – Again, many places. Say 2003.
Taiwan – Found a Taiwanese place in NYC at some point, I think.
Philippines – A place in NYC around 2010. Also the Embassy Chef Challenge in DC, 2018.
Vietnam – So many good places; first in Ann Arbor, say 2004.
Cambodia – Found a place in San Francisco in 2008.
Laos – Most memorably, in Seattle. Say 2010.
Thailand – So many places.
Burma – DC, 2002.
Malaysia – Seattle, 2010.
Singapore – Seattle, 2011 or so.
Indonesia – Seattle; 2011.
Australia – NYC place in 2008 or so.
New Zealand – A Seattle bar in 2010 or so.