This is a Crying Shame

…Because we need more and better sex research, rather than this drivel, which Dan Savage helpfully deconstructs.

“I spoke with Helen at a conference once,” a researcher who did not wish to be identified told me in an email. “Helen said there is a single gene that will determine whether a man cheats or not. We carefully explained why this couldn’t be so.”

Fisher, like so many other hacks in the love-and-relationship racket, wants sex and love and marriage to work in a certain way—they insist it only works this one way—and this monogamist bias informs and distorts Fisher’s work.

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A recent discovery:

ASASSN-15lh is the most luminous supernova ever detected; at its brightest it was approximately 50 times more luminous than the whole Milky Way galaxy, with an energy flux 570 billion times greater than the Sun. …According to Krzysztof Stanek of Ohio State University, one of the principal investigators at ASAS-SN, “If it was in our own galaxy, it would shine brighter than the full moon; there would be no night, and it would be easily seen during the day.”

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I suppose it’s better to be cast as a grump in a robe than as some kind of horned Satanic figure. Oh, wait…


With coffee – bitter, of course.

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Modus Operandi

Specifically, mine:


What I do

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Plants Need Justice Too



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A Congolese Meal

Chicken Moambe, Pittsburgh, late 2015:

Congo - ChickenMoambe-IMG_20151105_135438152

This was delicious.

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A Somali Meal

Curried Goat, in August of 2015.


It was okay.


In Tukwila, Washington

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A Singaporean Meal

Hainan Chicken, someplace in Seattle, sometime in 2012:



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The Video Doesn’t, At Least

I mean, holy cow:

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