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  • Part Two: About The Local Government


    This section asks a few questions about the local government you work for. Remember that all your answers will be treated confidentially, and that answers to all the questions are required.

    Missing Information


    To the best of your knowledge, the local government you work for...

    8. ...currently has how many staff that work to protect the natural environment? Please give your best estimate in FTE (full-time equivalent) terms.
    (In other words, if four full-time employees each spend a quarter of their time on efforts to protect the environment, that would be one FTE staff person). Don’t include temporary or contract employees.
    9. ...owns and/or operates an electric utility.
    > Yes
    > No
    > I don't know
    10. ...has elected leaders that are _______________________ in addressing climate change.
    > Very interested
    > Somewhat interested
    > Neither interested nor disinterested
    > Somewhat disinterested
    > Very disinterested


    The 2014 Local Environment Survey is part of a larger research effort, affiliated with University of Washington's Evans School of Public Affairs. The purpose of this research is to better understand what local governments in the United States are doing to protect the environment, and why. Only a few local governments have been selected to participate in this survey, so your participation is valuable.

    If you have any questions or concerns about this research, you can contact the lead researcher (Ryan Bodanyi) at (401) 829-6192 or by email.

    Last updated: May 21, 2014